Thursday, November 5, 2009

Until Next Time

Today has been a very hard day. I had to say "until next time" a whole lot.

My plane leaves at 12:20 tomorrow. It will be a long journey home.

I am sure that Carlos will be fine on the plane, but I got him some sedatives that were recommended by his vet. I tried them out on him tonight, the dose the doctor recommended. An hour after taking them we went for a walk and he still chased a cat and a dog. His legs did seem a little less sure of themselves, but it didn't slow him down much. He and Milly are still harassing dogs that pass by the fence too. I will have to give him a little more for the ride tomorrow.

I am pretty wiped out but I am going to quadruple check my bags again. I am down to three. Two checked and one carry on. I figure with this scenario I can't go wrong. I have a few more things to do tomorrow before I leave at 8:30, but I am pretty much set.