Sunday, April 20, 2008

lovely dinner

got ready to head out to dinner with my neighbors and the key to their golf cart had been broken off in the ignition. they had a bit of a problem getting it started. initially asked me if i knew how to hot wire it. hum... no, but i could probably figure it out. could be a handy skill in a pinch such as this.

had a wonderful dinner. went north to a new place called pinki knox. no clue why... anyway, had roast duck, creamed spinach, some huge french fries. dessert was bread and butter pudding with dark chocolate and strawberries. some kind of homemade whip cream i think that was really cold on the side. delicious! the funny part was we got there and the restaurant was closed. however the owners let us stay for a few hours.

so we just got back a little while ago. the moon wasn't as impressive as it was on the way out. it was quite lovely. nearly clear sky with a nearly full moon and a few wispy clouds drifting by occasionally.

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