Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gee Thanks!

Ok folks... I wasn't asking for a decision on whether or not I should stay or should I go. I was asking for things I may not be considering. You know, things I might not have on my mind while sitting in another country.

  • Price of gas- it is already over $5 a gallon here, not a factor. Would have to buy a new bike as mine was stolen.
  • Health care- I am going to have to pay it Belize vs USA
  • Spendin' Money- tickets home aren't cheap and ice cream adds up
  • Local night life
  • Distance/Time away from friends and family
  • Retirement- it would be nice one day
  • The view
  • all the other stuff...
I think my mind is made up. Anything else I should consider?

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Hmmm, it does sound as if you are leaning. Lets see, job satisfaction potential? Climate? Fun factor. Friends. (oh, and gas prices will hit you more here regardless, we don't have nearly the public transport that you've grown used to...sadly!), the pesto factor, ;) That's all I got right now!