Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ooooh down in Mexico...

Note to All: Vacationing with 7 friends is NOT relaxing...

Just got back this morning from Corozal. Stayed the night at the Maya Hotel with Chanda- we didn't make the last transportation options back to our respective homes. That had nothing to do with the movie we watched in Chetumal. Made of Honor was really cute, thankfully in English, and completely worth the $3.85 we spent. We had talked barely 10 seconds about going to a movie earlier in the bus trip. Actually calling to friends on board as we got up "later- going for a movie", then jumping off the bus without really discussing it, just a bit impulsive. YEA!!!

Mexico was fine. Didn't really do what I had gone there to do. Relax and think. Visited Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Both great destinations for different reasons. The food we had was amazing. There is absolutely NO reason folks in Belize couldn't do some of the same. Anyone looking for business opportunities, there is a niche in good- reasonably priced food that needs to be filled!!!

No decision has been made. It actually looks now like I will have an opportunity to do the PCVL position. Not sure yet as Jerry has to make up his mind on whether or not he takes the job in Korea. Also not sure if I want it since I wasn't really chosen or if they would want me since I wasn't a first choice.

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Jessica said...

I think I've been to Tulum before. Have to look through my postcards. (swiss cheese for brains sweetie)

Anyway, food for thought: “life frequently throws opportunity at us. it's just that sometimes it's not exactly what we expected it to look like." - Debra Owen, 8 Hours & a Lunch

So, what kind of foods did you have? Let me live vicariously, as my food options aren't so enticing, and tomorrow i'll be eating track dogs!