Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Early morning surprise

I was soaking in the bathtub, a luxury that I intend to take advantage of until I return to Belize, when I heard a strange sound outside. There were dogs chasing our rather large pride of domestic shorthairs yesterday morning; this noise didn't quite sound like that, but I wasn't about to ignore it.

I jumped out of the tub, careful not to drip water on Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons (Jess' bookclub selection), wrapping myself in a towel, regretting that I had been too distracted by a bath to remember my robe earlier, and while flipping on all the lights, practically ran out the back door. At 3:30 in the morning I had little concern for anyone catching me in my towel. Thoughts crashed through my mind- has one of the kittens been eaten? what is that terrible noise?

At first, blending in with the wet porch, I didn't notice the puppy. OH! What a cutie! I picked up the pup, the crying stopped, and I took him? into the house. Mom was sleeping before she slept (on the couch), as she woke she looked at me like I was involved in a conspiracy. I asked if she had heard a car go by. No. "What are you going to do with it?" Hum, well, obviously not what I would like to do with it... I couldn't bring him in and dry him off and make a bed for him in my room. No. No, that wouldn't do. No, instead of doing what I would like to do, I put him back outside, got dressed, then went for a walk with my new adorable friend. With the flashlight I was able to tell that there was not another set of cute puppy eyes. This little guy had been dropped off all by himself.

Dad got home a little bit after this. I stood just inside the backdoor, waiting with glee, to watch for his reaction. Priceless! He walks up the steps, knocks the dirt and wetness from his shoes, looks at the porch. The puppy was fairly quite at this point and sitting next to large flower pots. He has a white stripe down his nose, but is fairly dark with brindle markings (like these). He moves and makes a noise. Dad's eyes grow huge, I laugh through the door, and he stares at me.

I find an appropriate box, a shirt, and a pair of Karen's old slippers. The slippers were fuzzy dogs and I couldn't find a toy for him to cuddle with, so these would have to do. After realizing he would rather chew versus cuddle up by the slippers I found a lone sock and turned it into a toy. My cat Quill had moved to the window to watch the intruder and the traitor (me), not at all happy with the situation. Eventually, after being repeatedly placed in the box, he finally calmed down. He jumped out and sat where I had initially found him. Dad and I watched as the pup nearly fell over as he became increasingly tired. We finally turned off the light and he made his way back to the box and is resting there now. Somehow I think that he will be on the back porch waiting for us when we wake up. What do you think?


Bert said...

I think you're a sucker for stray animals and they know it! :-)

Ashley Saddock said...

Too adorable!!! The animals flock to ya'll. They know they'll be loved :-) I have this great mental image of your dad's face when he saw the puppy...classic.

Jessica said...

I too could imagine the look on your dad's face. Love it. Soooo, next question.... Pictures? Pleeaaaaaase!

Ashley Saddock said...

Smart Jess...I too second the request for puppy photos! So do you have a collar and a name and dog toys and a doggie bed yet?