Thursday, October 9, 2008

Working lunch?

I was at dinner with my sister K and our friend H. They used to work together. H has been at her new company for one month and this is the first time they have gotten a chance to catch up since then.

K- "Tell me about your job... Where do you eat? Do you bring your lunch?"
H- "We have 6 clean microwaves, 3 refrigerators, and a pond. I sometimes sit by the pond and read during lunch."
Me- hysterical laughing, "What? Seriously?"
K- "We have a crappy microwave and one refrigerator."

Eventually they did talk about what H did when she wasn't at lunch. Is this really how the "real world" works? If so, I am missing out!

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Ashley Saddock said...

Well, I never had a pond, BUT in MI there was a kitchen with a microwave, coffee maker, and a fridge. The coffee, sodas, some Capri Sun, a plethora of tea, and random treats were always free of charge, too. The downer was the room was small, the table only sat 4, and it had florescent lighting. All in all, all least the fridge part and the microwave are pretty standard in white collar offices these days.