Wednesday, May 20, 2009

June Bugs to Alphabet Soup

Somehow, but don't ask how, thoughts on June Bugs lead me to think about COS...

Because of the COS date, I got to thinking about...

alphabet soup. .

It is a language that I have learned over the (nearly) three years I have been in Belize. One language, until this very moment, I have never, not even once, thought about putting on my resume. Perhaps I should... I wonder if anyone would recognize it as a second language. My proficiency is pretty strong at this point... I can see it on my resume right now: English- Native speaker, fluent in Southern; Spanish- clear understanding and appreciation of helado; Alphabet Soup- I Can!

Just thoughts of: deciding on a COS date; final interviews with my APCD, PTO, CD, and PCMO; visiting PCVs; contacting RPCVs; and becoming a member of IFOB; the PACA/PDM session this weekend; next week's training with PASMO for our PC HIV and AIDS committee and arrival of our new TD Jamie; and Ginnie as the new PTS in July make me see Training Of Trainers in that spoon!

What do you see?

I found the lovely pieces of art above at the sites below. There are also links to the websites if you click on the soup.

soup by Marshall Fels Elliott (I don't know if Elliott is responsible for the art or the story that went with it, but seemed appropriate since the info was under the bowl.)



Ashley Saddock said...

Oh my god, I don't think I understood any of those acronyms!

Alli said...

Another language isn't it!?!