Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carlos' girl friend Milly

As requested, pictures of Milly.

The first one shows Carlos and Milly just before they are ready to play.
They go from calm and quiet to rowdy and loud in about half a second. Then they are back to calm and quiet. It is really amazing.

Carlos never barks, that is, unless he hears a dog he wants to chase along the fence or is worried about someone in the street. He whines a little when we pass other dogs while out on walks. He is convinced that they all want to be his friend and it is my fault he can't go and play. And now he barks when playing with Milly all the time. It is pretty weird to hear him so vocal. Milly on the other hand is vocal and barks at various noises and things she "sees". Carlos usually ignores her so I don't worry.

Milly climbs the fence quicker that you would believe. She goes and hangs out at her other house while I am at work, then comes to hang out with Carlos and myself when I come home. Carlos is always so excited to see her. They usually kiss through the fence before I can get to it. They both know they have to sit before I will open the gate. When I open the gate and say "OK" Milly will run in and they start pouncing on each other. If you didn't know any better you would think they are really attacking each other. They aren't though. Milly likes to grab Carlos' back ankles. When she does this he will sit down on her sometimes to make her stop.

Amazingly after all of the rough housing they look like this in about the same amount of time it took them to get going. These "innocent" faces don't fool me!

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Jessica said...

Awwww, she's so pretty! She has another home too?