Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

So, it hit me this weekend that I am leaving soon.

I was shopping (of all things) when I realized that in less than two months I am done. I will no longer be employed. (Not that what I am receiving is considered a pay check, but it is something!) This realization halted my shopping and threw me for a bit of a loop.

You would think that I would have seen this coming. I didn't. Not really. So, I know this is surprising, but true. Denial is a powerful force.

I have lived in Belize longer than any other place since I was in college so this is pretty big. That and the fact that I am in another country. The new trainees are all so fresh and new and I really like them so I don't want to leave them quite yet. They are all so excited and energetic and I can't wait to see where they are placed. I am jealous of their sites and want to join up again, but ready to head home at the same time.

I also have a list of people I have to visit for work and several that I have to visit for fun. I need to figure this out quick so I can buy my ticket.

The thought of packing up and leaving is a little disturbing and exciting and daunting.

I am not going directly home. Carlos won't fit on planes heading to NC and there is only one carrier that will take him out of Belize. He has to have a giant crate! The crate does not even fit through my door assembled! I hate the thought of having him routed throughout the country, so we are flying into Texas then having a road trip with Mom. I call him my puppy. I know he isn't really. A few weeks ago when I took him to the vet he weighed 82 pounds! I hope they don't charge him by the pound.

And then there is all of the packing. Really there is going to be a lot of getting rid of clothes that I don't like and haven't worn in ages. You save things like this for the rainy season. There are days and sometimes weeks that the rain doesn't stop, or doesn't stop when you can wash and dry clothes. Those are the times that the clothes you would rather forget are pulled out, dusted off, and worn.

I have to deal with all the stuff I have acquired in the 3+ years. And then there is all of that stuff that has been saved for a special occasion or when I am missing home. I have a feeling that there are going to be lots of special occasions coming up. This weekend I really tried hard and put a dent into my stash of Thin Mints. It all has to get used up, sold, or given away since a minimal amount of my stuff is coming back with me. Next week I will have to have the shrimp in the freezer!

And then there is Milly. Oh, Milly. She is Carlos' friend. She was emaciated and scared of every person and every dog. I wish I would have taken pictures of her when I first started feeding her. Now she has a little meat on her bones and only scared of half of the people. Dogs are still scary for her, even the little ones. Walking her is a chore since she moves from side to side to avoid things that frighten her. Pictures of Milly and Carlos playing will have to be taken and posted soon!


Jessica said...

Bittersweet, i know, but i'll be so glad to see you hon! Now go get some pics of this millie that we've not heard about before!

A note from the blogger... said...

Agreed with Jess - when did Millie enter the picture?! It will be weird to imagine you not in Belize, but oh-so-wonderful to have you state side again.

A note from the blogger... said...

PS - you aren't planning to bring home the termites from your house, are you? Lol!!!

<3 Ash