Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, I have spent most of the day sitting on my futon and on the computer. I have got to focus, the section I am working on for the education project is due Monday. I have eliminated distractions from people walking by by adding a curtain to my door. I have wanted to do this for some time but didn't have a hammer to attach nails to the door, to attach string, to attach the curtain. My trip home provided me with peace and quiet and duct (and gorilla) tape. (Thanks Dad!!!) I have taken yarn, tied it around the top of the screen door then used tape as a harness. It works!

The clock that I returned to Belize with is now hanging, thanks to my new tape supply, on my entertainment/work station. (Trying to keep on top of the time.)

The guys next door at the garage should all have headaches. They have been banging and pounding since I woke up and probably before. I have finally given in and brought my ear plugs in the living room. Amazingly, as I can't take it anymore, they stop. Thank goodness for time to clean up and close shop! I will be ready for tomorrow though. I hope.

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Jessica said...

That's a great photo girlie.