Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Getaway :-)

I just got back from a trip to the mainland that was fun. I went to Belmopan, our capitol near the middle of the country and where the Peace Corps has its office. I was able to meet our new Country Director Steve Miller. One of the ladies left today to head back to Arizona. She was the training director and had the position for a year's contract. There was a party for her on Friday so I went to it. While I wasn't really interested in the party, just visiting with her, I had fun. Saturday we got up, went for breakfast then took the bus to Jaguar Paw Resort's road. We got a ride into the resort from a passing tour guide. There we went Ziplining and Cave tubing. The ziplining was fabulous!!! We even got to rappel from the last place we landed. I had rappelled at Glenn with the ROTC kids and loved it. Here someone else controlled the rate we went down so it wasn't quite the same. We also couldn't push off like I would have to start the ascent. I would have gone faster. It made me realize how much I really enjoyed doing stuff like that. Anyway, after this we had lunch and on to a short hike for cave tubing. It was really interesting looking at the colors of the rock as we floated under them in the stream. We got a lift back to the road then caught a ride with a guy that works for the government back to Belmopan. I got back to Erin's house, packed my stuff then headed to Belize City. I met with my friend Dorothy, had dinner at an amazing Indian restaurant, then went back to her house and watched a movie with her roommate Kirsty and her boyfriend and PCV Jerry. This morning was nice. We got up, hung out then I went to Caye Caulker to meet up with friends. Ryan lives there. Debo, her daughter Devon and grandson Greg were there too. We had lunch then I hung out at Ryan's. I left a bit too late but made the 3:50 boat for San Pedro at the Caye Caulker Water Taxi, found out it was more money so I rushed to the other terminal. I didn't see the Triple J boat coming so I was safe. I was there waiting, excited that I had just made it, so I started talking to people. I found out that a guy had showed up for an earlier boat to Belize City only it never came. I called the Triple J Water Taxi office to find out that that particular boat doesn't run anymore. I didn't ask about my boat but found out that the one I wanted to take didn't run either. DRATS!!! I had time to kill so I headed to the store- tried to be productive- but only had $2 left over if I had planned on paying for my trip. (Kind of essential) So I didn't buy anything. As I walked out of the store I noticed a SUYA TOURS boat at the dock and went to talk to the captain. I asked if there was a spot available, could I possibly have a ride... I said that it looked as though the boat may be full to give him an out if he wanted one. I read for a while, pulled another long sleeve shirt out of my pack, then read some more. The boat loaded but I didn't look up. I didn't want to impose myself on them. They asked if I wanted a ride so I joined the group. On the way over I noticed that there was a dark cloud looming in our path so I grabbed my poncho I had carefully stashed with my Indian leftovers. I felt a few raindrops, put on the poncho, then waited. And waited. The rain didn't come but the poncho made a ridiculous amount of noise which I tried to squelch. Time passed, it didn't rain. Finally we hit the wall of rain. It wasn't as bad as it appeared. It finally stopped as we got close to the island. I remarked that I would have never gotten out the poncho if I had known it was going to make so much noise. The lady across from me kind of laughed and said that was part of the fun of the rain that they will laugh at. I rode with the guys to drop off all of the guests, not too many, then got dropped off at Amigo's del Mar's dock. I gave the guys my boat fare for their troubles. I got to chat with some friends then made it to my house. I don't know if I made it earlier than the folks that were left for the 5:15 boat or not, but it was nice to have a different experience. It is raining now, quite windy as well. I heard that there was a cold front that was moving in. I think it is here. I am going to sit back on my couch and watch the Grey's Anatomy episode that took me two days to download. Then I am going to curl up in bed with the book Seven Years in Tibet. I already started it and can't wait to continue!

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Jessica said...

Oooh, that sounds like so much fun. You remember that I dream of overcoming my fear of falling so that I can do a canopy zipline tour, right?