Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Carnival in San Pedro

So, Carnival is currently going on. I didn't really realize this until I got home Monday and saw paint on a dog and a friend yelled out of his car, "Get the paint!" The local tradition is to cover whom ever you can in as much paint as you can or to egg them. The "event" is supposed to last three days.

This afternoon I met Dawn and her mom Hillary at Fido's. We chatted and watched the kids attack each other with paint. A few were launching eggs with a water balloon launcher from the municipal pier. They apparently had been practicing. They were fairly accurate. Unfortunately a group had been standing in front of us and an egg crashed into a palm tree in front of the porch we were sitting on. Dawn ended up with a bit of yoke and egg shell on her.

Tonight I went out to meet with friends. I met several groups covered in paint and one that had bottles of paint. I kept my eyes on the one with the paint. As I passed he acted like he was going to get me. I said, "You better not..." Lucky for me he didn't. I was just about at Big Daddy's when another person said "Fresh Meat!" I responded with a "I hope not." Lucky for me again, they didn't pursue me. I joined Dawn, Hillary, and Ethel. Dawn was covered in paint. Ethel had also been attacked to some degree, but she changed clothes before meeting us, so we don't know how bad. I was wearing a shirt that was already stained so I wouldn't mind as much if I too were attacked. Shortly after arriving we moved on. Ethel headed home, I hope she made it paint free. And the rest of us went to the Tackle Box. Only on the way we encountered a group that couldn't pass us up. While Dawn received the brunt of the painting, Hillary got some on her arm, and I got my face and earrings painted. I look forward to posting the pictures from Hillary's camera. I left it on until reaching home. I hoped this would prevent others from trying to paint me again. Apparently it was past the bed time of the young Picassos since they were nowhere to be seen.

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Jessica said...

Can't wait for those pictures honey! Do they have a particular color?