Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a human!

I was heading to the grocery store today and noticed as I was about to leave my gate a bunch of people falling from the sky. Don't worry, their parachutes were open. However, the wind was picking up and it did concern me a bit. I have heard their landing sited described as a postage stamp. I almost went in for my camera but there were only about 10 left and I figured there would be another group to jump. They either had planned it as their last jump or the wind made them change their plans. I kept checking for the next few hours but they were grounded.

I hope that I will get a good picture before they are gone on the 3rd.


Ashley Saddock said...

Super cool! That would be a freaky feeling to walk out of your house and see.

Glad you're back and POSTING again!!! I've missed ya.

Alli said...

Thanks Ash! It is funny because I knew they would be here, but didn't really expect it. Unfortunately I didn't see them again to take a picture.