Monday, June 2, 2008

Info from Nemo

Last post today promise!

Check out the link to Nemo concerning the flooding in southern Belize. The pictures are impressive. It actually looks like they are getting quite a bit of heavy rain now as well. I am rather disappointed in the coverage from The Weather Channel. I know that we are living in Belize and it is an American company, they should realize that there are a lot of Americans in Belize and Belizeans in the States.

The bands that came after tropical storm Arthur were far stronger than the storm itself. At least the part that we felt. With sustained winds of 60 mph and stronger and 20 inches or more of rain, the bands packed quite the punch. I actually contacted a friend this morning at 5am warning her of what was coming her way. I had saved the last of my credit on my phone just in case. Despite her home being rebuilt after Dean, I was concerned that she was in for another home make over. I have only heard from a few people, but the ones I am most concerned about won't be able to be contacted. Good Luck Everybody!

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Ashley Saddock said...

Well, I didn't even KNOW there was a storm! Therefore, no media coverage online. Glad you're okay and made it through. Fingers crossed for everyone that nothing majorly bad happened to them.