Sunday, June 1, 2008

Job search stuff

Tonight I have spent hours looking for prospective career options... This basically means that I have been scanning through lists of jobs and their descriptions. Writing down anything and everything that sounds interesting. I also started, though barely, a list of things that I most definitely don't want to do.

A few things off of the "No Thanks!" jobs or areas of employment

  • air traffic control
  • prison guard
  • customs inspector
  • cutting down big trees
  • explosives test operator
  • finance- Karen you can keep it!
  • hand composer
  • language specialist- I have a hard enough time with English
  • lock and dam repairer
  • missile/toxic materials handler
  • mortician
  • petroleum engineer
  • podiatrist
  • security guard
  • stevedore
  • tax law specialist
  • United States marshal
I was feeling like I needed a little Buffett in my life so I put him on for my job search. I have 10.2 hours of Buffett on iTunes and I listened to all but about 6 songs. I think I am caught up for a little while.

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