Thursday, August 28, 2008

New things in my life...

Sorry, it has been quite some time since I have done an update.

I left for Belmopan on the 19th to get my new home ready, help Chanda clean up (the destruction workers left a mess!) and to meet the new Trainees on the 20th.

I got confirmation that I will be leaving sometime on September 20th. I should be returning on October 27th. Details should be cleared up in the next week for the return.

43 Trainees arrived on a steamy, though not rainy, Wednesday afternoon. Since that time my life has revolved around cleaning and running around helping whomever in the office needs a hand at that moment. With about 15 extra staff for training and a variety of computers not functioning, it made for interesting times. Musical chairs, computers, and rooms seemed to keep us on our toes and amazingly productive despite the challenges.

I am most happy to say that I not only felt, but was useful in making sure a few things ran ok for the first week of training. I hung out with the new PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees), *taught them how to turn on the lights in their rooms at the Gar Den City Hotel, hosted a little dinner party, and really got to know a few of them fairly well for the time available. I have to say that this training class is far more like the group I came in with versus the one from last year. This is going to be an interesting group.

Other interesting news is that I will be able to adopt Carl. For anyone who doesn't know, he is a rottweiler that I found almost 3 weeks ago as I was trying to track down a friend. I had just been by the doggy compound for Saga, dreaming about having a dog, should it happen, what would I name it, all these good things when I came upon him. Carl was walking in the middle of the street near the police station, looking terrified. I called him out of the street a bit, he avoided some cars, then ran back to the middle. As another car got close I called him again and he came over to me. The closer he got the more I noticed the infection in each eye. Poor baby! He became my project. With the help of others I found the vet. Attempted to feed him dog food, going as far as putting it in his mouth as he spit it back out. Moved on to feeding him the pizza that had dropped the previous night. And sending him home with the vet. I am sure that the fact Heather (the vet) is a RPCV (returned pcv) helped me a lot. Anyway I have been hoping for the best outcome, whatever that might mean. I got an email from her last Saturday saying that his owners had not come for him and I could adopt.

This best outcome I was hoping for is hopefully what is happening. I know Carl loves me already, despite his now neutered status. But I worry about becoming a nearly full grown puppy's mommy. The timing is really crappy and he has his own history. Living with him in the house for the next two weeks is going to be interesting. Taking him out for walks and the bathroom will be even more interesting since there are four dogs in the yard that are not going to take to him very well. (we already tried. not pretty.) Moving him to the mainland and setting him up with a puppy sitter (Chanda) for two months is heartbreaking a bit as well. On top of this, I had great plans for travel this year. Dogs are not cats by any stretch of the imagination and having him will make this far harder.

Logistically I need a dog about as much as another hole in my head, but crime is on the rise here. I have heard a saying that I believe- Belizeans are more scared of a dog than a gun. I love the security of a living guard system. I love the idea that I will be able to walk with him and avoid considerable amounts of harassment. I really love the idea that few people will ever think about getting close to the fence with him in it, much less come in.

I hope that he will stop flinching and pulling away as you try to pet him on the head. I hope that he learns to eat dog food pretty soon. I think he has lost a little weight since I found him, he didn't even eat the dog food covered in pizza toppings when he was with me. Chanda doesn't cook for herself, I can't imagine having to buy takeout for him so he doesn't starve while I am gone. I guess he will eat it if he gets hungry enough. I have to find a leash, containers to put the food in (bug prevention), food bowl, all that lovely stuff! I will also see how I can improvise.

Anyway, this is the big news. Kind of drawn out and without any pictures. My camera is broken so those will have to come when I return from the States.

*Note: the Gar Den is owned by folks who I believe are from Taiwan. Clearly marked are the buttons on the tv and a/c remote. Unfortunately, it is in a Chinese or Taiwanese language. The "light switches" are actually button/switches located either on the nightstand or on the wall behind it. It is rather interesting and quite confusing the first time.


Ashley Saddock said...

Did you teach the PVT's to take their anti-allergy meds before entering into the Gar Den? Or how to use their air matress to make the beds tollerably soft? Or how to avoid the wet carpeting and the mold and fungi growth on the walls and carpeting in the hallways? And did you show them the black mold and mildrew on the walls inside the rooms and tell them to avoid touching at all costs??? :-P

Alli said...

There was a little bit of jumping on one of the beds. If that is successful in softening them up I believe there will be a jumping on the bed event in the near future.

For all of the other stuff they seem to be a pretty smart group. However there does seem to be a few that are a bit crazy and may try to eat the mushrooms in the hall. Really, just kidding!