Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Trainees

On August 20th 44 new Trainees will arrive in country.

Expectations will be rampant. Eyes will be bugging out of heads.

Will they arrive as we did? Heat unrelenting. Standing in the line at immigration dripping with sweat as well as drops of rain. Praying that both bags and their contents found their way from the States to Belize. Will they have pictures erased from their digital camera? No, you can't take pictures of the line at immigration. Yes, they want proof that they are gone. Who will absorb every detail and who will remember a frenzied blur? What will they think as the see their welcoming committee? We didn't have one. Last year we weren't allowed to contact any of the Trainees for weeks. Even then it was because of hurricane Dean.

With a new office staff hope runs rampant!

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