Friday, August 29, 2008

One down, thousands to go

Getting ready for bed I became a bit anxious last night. Having a dog for the first time in nearly half of my life and never living in my house was strange.

All was well as Ethel and I had dinner last night. Around dinner, Blue, my neighbor's dog decided he would like to intimidate Carlos. Carlos had causally watched him on our side of the screen door on and off for an hour or so. After I went out for laundry Blue got "brave" and came on the porch to check things out. Before he had stood on a pile of boards, barking at a safe distance. Ethel pointed out that he was already aware that Carlos could take him. While Carlos is not in top form, scrawny and actually very much a lover boy, I feel like he would put up a good fight. With Blue and Carlos nearly ramming into the screen I decided it would be best to close the main door. As I got dinner ready Carlos decided to prop his paws on the counter and check it out. BIG NO NO. So, he got a pop on the snout. He recoiled immediately, dropped his head as he did, unfortunately right on the edge of my open oven door. I felt horrible, but if I want to be able to fix food in my kitchen without puppy assistance this tough love was necessary. Had he stuck his nose on a hot pan the outcome could have been far worse. After a little while I let Ethel pet him, then I pet him and talked to him.

Knowing that things would get a bit wild if I tried to take Carlos out on a walk without controlling Blue, Ethel helped. The whole thing went well and night #1 was a success.

This morning I woke by my alarm for my meds at 7. At about 7:25 I was awoken by a different alarm. Fabric ripping was enough to make me bolt up in bed, yell NO, and pop Carlos on the nose. The lovely, still in good condition, but older beach towel was now no longer in good condition. I had folded it in thirds, laid it on my rug, and had a nice little sleeping pad for Carlos. Whatever the reason, empty food bowl, boredom, need to pee, he was enjoying himself. Immediately he cowered. I got up, got dressed as fast as possible for me, then we headed out for a walk. We played in the sea a little and returned to find Blue still out. We walked a little more, shocked that we had made it through without any argument earlier, then went home when the coast was clear.

Today was great. I made a leash for him though I haven't used it yet. Took him for a variety of walks. Left him in the house, several hours at a time and NO surprises! Good Dog Carlos! Tonight after a trip to visit the ice cream shop and our final walk. My friend Enes, her two daughters, and I returned with Carlos on the golf cart. Arriving at the house, he jumped off of hers and onto the Bradley's. He was ready for another ride. A brief visit, another walk, and some relaxing followed. Just a little while ago I listened out for Blue. No sign. So Carlos got put on the leash and was led down the stairs. It wasn't until about a minute later did I notice that Blue was under the utility golf cart staring at Carlos. There wasn't a sound uttered except by me. Carlos didn't pee, but I wasn't going to stick around to see if anything else was going to happen.

There has been a little more chewing on the towel. Some serious gas issues. He is fairly good with doing what I want if he is made to understand. Sit, easy, Carlos- these are words he is starting to get. At some point I was trying to get him back into the house from a walk and he refused. I needed to head out I think and he just wasn't having it. He walked down the stairs, sniffed around as I called him. He squatted a little as he barely lifted his leg and peed. Good Boy Carlos! Just proves that I shouldn't be too upset if he doesn't listen exactly. But now is bed time and he will have no problem with this.

Good Night.


Ashley Saddock said...

Oh, this sounds SOOO familiar! The first few weeks are the hardest, and then it all settles out and gets much easier. Waking to sounds of ripping....isn't that just about one of the worst sounds ever? I woke up to ripping leather, as in my shoe collection. As for the gas, if it continues you may want to try new doggie food. Example: Purina One nearly always causes bad gas whereas Pruina Beneful (same maker) doesn't. Oh, and Kongs ROCK! You'll have to get one in the States when you're home.

Alli said...

Yesterday he figured out his toys. YEA!!! And the gas is better with a more consistent diet.