Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Ball IS Rolling!

Currently I am rather excited about the 7pm meeting tonight. It started only about 30 minutes late! It would have only been 6 minutes late except the Mayor and Minister had an emergency meeting. And all but ONE person showed up who was supposed to. He probably would have except we didn't call him today as a reminder. The list included our Mayor, Minister of Tourism, 8 of the 10 current Neighborhood Watch presidents (one is out of the country). We discussed a pilot program and having an answer from the powers that be in one week! We have been attempting to get street names posted for months. Tomorrow some of us will go in to work on the list of streets so they can be processed! Some lights in more dangerous areas have been installed, bulbs replaced. Some police officers that graduated from the academy a month ago caught an undesirable, recovered stolen goods, and followed through to help get him prosecuted this week! Really it is an exciting time to be working with this program, unfortunately my time with it will be limited in the near future. I will enjoy it while I can though!

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Jessica said...

I love how excited you sound, and that the pieces are coming together on your project. :)