Friday, July 11, 2008

Down with BTL!!!

Ethel just sent me this information and I am not really surprised about how much they make. I spent over $100 in the two and a half weeks I was here in June! I don't run a business, just assist with an organization, and I was barely on the phone to connect with friends.

COLA Calls for 48 Hour
Cell Phone Boycott

Can you go a full 48 hour weekend without using your cell phone? That's what COLA - – the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action are asking Belizeans to do as part of a boycott against Lord Ashcroft and Telemedia. According to COLA, BTL made over $7 million from strictly cell phones in June – and by their reasoning just a weekend boycott could truly hurt the Ashcroft controlled company. COLA is also asking Belizeans to refrain from buying phone cards for the forty eight hours. It starts on Friday evening at 6 and runs to 6 on Sunday evening. According to COLA's newly elected President Bernard Adolphus, this is the beginning of along fight for justice.
Bernard Adolphus, COLA President
"People believe they cannot do without their cell phones. For the last three days I have not used my cell phone and we have to learn to make sacrifice. Belizeans young and old, particularly the young, have to learn to make sacrifice and after all is said and done, they will be saving some money too and it is important that we shut off, no communication. You might have other means but we're requesting and asking that cell phones are locked off for the weekend, the 11th, 12th, and 13th.
Do you know that over $7.4 million in revenue was collected just for the month of June for cell phone calls? I repeat myself, $7.4 million on only cell phone calls."
And as COLA gets ready for the second protest action, the organization is also starting on a membership drive to Dangriga and Punta Gorda. Read More

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Ashley Saddock said...

You guys have to pay WAY too much for cell phone usage. I was shocked when I saw how much you were spending. It's not fair at all! It's like you're paying longdistance rates to call everyone. Good luck!