Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My 2 year anniversary in Belize

For my 2nd year anniversary in Belize I reinterviewed for the Peace Corps Volunteer Leader Position. I also found out while on my way back to Belize City that I had been accepted for the position. Greedily I accepted. All that is left for final conformation of the job is a medical exam. If I am not healthy enough then I am sent back to the States.

I still plan on coming back for a month soon. I need to do some more visiting and shopping.

That night was great. I had a wonderful dinner at Samanti Indian Restaurant in Belize City with Dorothy, Kirsty, Maggie, Kim, Molly, and Jeff. I really feel like I am missing one person and it is completely possible at the hour I am writing this. However. It was a lovely dinner and I got to share the wonderful news with some of my good friends.

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Ashley Saddock said...

YEAH!!!!! 2 years and going strong. Just think of all the things you've done down there. Pat yourself on the back for me! Sending you big hugs and congrats