Friday, July 4, 2008

Back in the swing of things...

Hi Everybody,

Been a bit absent lately. I am still trying to recover from my absolutely FABULOUS trip home. Got to visit friends and family, but still not as much as what I would have liked to have done.

Work has been crazy since I returned. I left at 9:30am yesterday and didn't return until midnight. Had a great day and ended up being able to spend time with friends while I was out.

Last weekend I had a whirlwind trip to Belize, Belmopan, and Corozal. Thursday I reinterviewed for the PCVL- Volunteer Leader position, got the phone call on the way back into Belize that I got the job. Accepted on the spot. Got off the bus and walked across town to my favorite Indian restaurant- Samanti- yummmm! Met Jeff, Dorothy, Kirsty, Maggie, Kim, and Molly for dinner. After dinner all but Kirsty went back to Maggie's house for a bit of old times for the last time. It was wonderful sitting there 2 years to the day after we arrived, saying "see you later" in some cases for the last time. Friday morning I headed up to Corozal to hang out with Chanda for the weekend. I stopped by town to pick up some food for the weekend and cake to bake for a belated birthday. Strawberry with cream cheese icing- a bit embarrassing, but we finished it before we left Monday. Saturday was fun. Chanda's 4-H sponsored a sports day in Patchakan, her village. Jenny G's 4-H soccer team came over from Progresso.

Just noticed an odd sound for this close... Sounds like a plane just beside my house! I peaked outside, hum, there is one, and it is just by my house at the gas station. No, we don't often have planes at the gas station, this one just happens to be a sea plane! Well, you don't see these everyday. I grabbed the only camera in the house... THANKS DAD!!! the cell phone that won't get much use over the next year got some use today. The battery was about dead since I didn't think I would be using it for several months. I snapped a horrible picture of the tail of the plane after deleting all of the alarms I missed since I returned from the States. I will have to wait to share it when I return next time. I am sure there will be pictures in the newspapers this coming week of the event. I will try to remember to post the link so you can check it out.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Progresso won the game. Chanda and I relaxed and ate until Monday about 5:30 am when we got picked up by her host family to meet some of her other 4-H kids in Concepcion to go to the 4-H camp this week in Caye Caulker.

This week has been full of meetings and getting ready for meetings so today I will enjoy! No work, all play! Slept in late after going out dancing with friends. Molly comes tomorrow and I am so excited to see her again.

On a health note I just found a like to some interesting articles. Make sure to check out the one about sunscreen from this page. That is about it for now.

Have a fabulous 4th of July!!!

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Jessica said...

Congrats again honey! :) When will you be moving? Are you still in line to visit home again in the fall, or does this change things?

Happy 4th to you too!