Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter...

Happy Easter Everybunny...

I had a nice but not as expected trip to Glover's Reef last week. Details to come. We met some wonderful people, most of which were from NC. I think I recognized one of the guys from Wilmington. Rather strange. There was a lovely couple that had gotten married the week before in Hopkins. Adam and Nicole were great. They are going to be traveling for about 6 months to celebrate. They are documenting their travels on their own blog. I was so excited when I got the chance to chat with them about places to visit in Guatemala. I can't wait to read about it too.

Trying to recover from the lack of sleep and a possible sinus infection. YEA..

Unfortunately one of our guard dogs disappeared in the last 24 hours. I saw Blue about this time last night. I love the little guy so I hope he is safe and finds his way home soon.

I have also taken in a kitten for the night. Maritza picked him up out of the middle of the street today. He nearly got himself run over. After a few hours of hearing him cry I asked her what was up, then requested to keep him inside. He only cries a few minutes after I leave him in the bathroom. He is scrawny with a wormy belly. Unfortunately he also has the runs. She is going to take him to Saga tomorrow. He is a sweet and loving kitty so he has to belong to someone around here. Maybe she will leave him long enough to get better and he can return to this area.

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