Wednesday, March 12, 2008

La Ruta Maya- San Ignacio to Banana Bank

Friday morning we all wake up at an unreasonable hour. Despite the unlikeliness of the situation, I think they were shooting off fireworks this morning. Maybe I am just thinking of the night before. However, we are still concerned with seeing our guys off and finding a ride. We make our way over the Hawksworth Bridge- the tallest suspension bridge in Belize- to the Santa Elena side. I see someone I know Daimo from BATSUB- British Army Training Support Unit Belize- and decide they might be an option... The guys borrowed a boat from Chaa Creek, however, the boat was hard to find. As the time to start drew near the guys anxiously searched. Finally seeing a lone canoe with out any people they had found theirs. 717 was attached to the bow and up stream they headed. I found my friend Steve and asked for a ride. No problem he said and our fate was sealed. At this time there was no way to know how lucky we were to have a friend like Steve. So after the BATSUB guys had finished with making sure the start of the race was taken care of (they were in charge of the time) we headed up the hill and awaited the minibuses. As it turned out, Shirley, Ashley, and I rode with Sunny and Ashli, Catherine, and Nicole (for one stop) rode with Steve. We make it to the first stop feeling really lucky. While we all gathered, a large rectangular bag was dropped at our feet. The top of the cooler was opened. It was jam packed with Snickers, Boost Bars, and another type of chocolate bar by Cadbury. Another cooler was full of water that was iced down. Take what you would like was the theme of the trip. It was fun relaxing at the end of the day with friends in the river at Banana Bank. The line for food that night was long, but this year they didn't run out which was nice. We pitched our tents early and wandered around for a while. When we were ready to go to sleep, unfortunately the BDF- Belize Defense Force- was not. The guys stayed up talking and singing for a while. It was funny because suddenly they seemed to run out of steam and all stopped at about the same time.

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