Wednesday, March 12, 2008

La Ruta Maya- Bermudian Landing to Burrel Boom

Sunday morning we get up and put our gear on the truck and head down to watch the start of the race. The 4-H kids had been kicking PC butt on the river and having a good time. I didn't realize it until I was told that they were being interviewed that they were the youngest team competing. It was overcast that morning but didn't take long for the rain to set in. We went directly to Burrel Boom.

We had an huge amount of food left over. One of the things was a bag of cookies. I pulled these out of the food bag and offered them to the guys. Wids preceded to eat 9 almost immediately. He said if he had one more he would be in the river swimming from one side to the next. The guys tried to get him to eat it for the rest of the day. At the end of the day he put the last cookie in a shirt that I had loaned to someone so I wouldn't see it. It almost made it into the bag until I felt its plastic bag. I thought you would enjoy the picture of Wids sniffing the cookie that was hung from the tent.

I wished we had put all of our gear in the back of the BATSUB vehicles as Steve had suggested, my raincoat was in the Big H truck and the rain had arrived. Eventually the Big H truck that we had transported our stuff on showed up. This was about the same time that Steve asked if anyone wanted to go to watch the race at Grace’s Bank. Shirley and I joined him, Phil, and Derek. Soon after we arrived Jenny G, Micah, and Jerry arrived. We cheered on practically everyone as they went by. Back at camp the rest of the crew had set up the tents and were waiting the rain out. We returned before the first boat reached Burrel Boom. Matt from Corozal joined us. It was great to have him around. This night I had planned on going over to Belize R U/ the Black Orchid to visit Mr. Doug, Mrs. Karen, and their daughter Armeid. We got invited to eat again and my blistered feet didn’t want to make the trek through the rain. We sat around and talked for hours. It was really great getting to spend time with everyone. This night I loaned the tent from Enes to a guy from Galen University that didn’t have a tent.

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