Wednesday, March 12, 2008

La Ruta Maya- Banana Bank to Bermudian Landing

Saturday we woke up with a puddle at our toes. The tent had leaked, but most was contained near our feet. As we were packing up Jenny G showed up with bad news. The 4-H kids had almost all of their food, their shoes, and a PC medical kit stolen during the night. The worst part was that their 4-H flag was outside of the tents so it was obvious who the people stole from. We went to talk to Steve and he set them up with snacks for the day. He also offered us a full breakfast. The race this morning had a false start. This saved the kids because they were late making it to the start. We made it back to the BATSUB camp and asked to do something. Eventually we were able to move some cases of water from the cases to trash bags. This consolidated about 24 or so cases of water into about 8 bags. Until later in the day I thought that this was just an exercise to give us something to do. We were happy to find out that this was a necessary task. They needed as much room as possible to transport everyone back to the base at the end of the day. It was nice to switch up and be able to ride with Steve. We made it to Bermudian Landing and tried to set up camp. We found a great spot but was told we would have to go somewhere else because BATSUB was setting up their camp there that night. We couldn't believe our luck! Trying to explain to Eric the owner that BATSUB was not staying and it was ok to let us stay there was futile. He showed us a different area- next to the music and a massive puddle. I talked to Steve. He told Eric that "the girls would be setting up the tents" and that was that. We had a massive area all to ourselves. Nicole, her mom and two sisters came out for a short visit. Jackie also came out to join our crew. While sitting around Phil came over and told us to come get dinner... Did I mention how lucky we were? We also borrowed a larger, hopefully dryer tent from the 4-H. I forgot to mention that there were only enough poles for one of the tents that I had borrowed from Enes and the only rain fly in the bag was not for the tent we had. The tent I borrowed from Alicia was left in my floor at home.

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