Friday, March 28, 2008

Kitty Poo Poo Pants...

So, there was a little kitty who was in a box. The kitty just meowed and meowed (for hours!) So I called Sterling- not his cat. Visited Maritza- not hers, but she had rescued him. Kitty was playing in the middle of the street and nearly got himself killed. Maritza- the animal lover that she is- picked him up and brought him home. This was Sunday. She had planned on taking him to Saga Monday morning. I knew that he was frightened and wouldn't stop crying anytime soon. It seemed as though there would be little hope of me sleeping if he was in the carrier. I asked Maritza if I could take him in until she could take him to the the shelter. He is a scrawny little guy with a fat stomach- worms. He had really bad "dead rear" as Dad would say. Poor thing!

I put him in my bathroom with a box of sand- courtesy of our "yard"- as a litter box, a bowl of food, a bowl of water and a towel. He came to have the towel, not because I initially gave it to him, but because he found his way to my rather large and plush stack of towels. (EEEWWW!!!) The rest got moved. He did really well. He only cried a few minutes after I went in the bathroom and left him. He was really really dehydrated but wouldn't drink the water. He acted a bit off balance, weaving a bit, I think because of it. I soaked his food and he seemed to do better.

Monday was a holiday in Belize so Saga was closed. I knew this, but I think Maritza was a little surprised. No worries. Kitty had earned the name Little Poo Poo Pants because of a certain odor that was on him and he emitted. To take care of part of the odor and some flees he received a bath. He was not too happy about this mind you. But he was quite happy with me holding him and rubbing him down with the towels and removing the fleas afterwards. His smell improved (most of the time). His diarrhea had slowed down and he didn't seem as dehydrated later in the evening. I gave him an aluminum foil ball to play with but he didn't seem to get it.

Tuesday morning he was moving around, playing a bit, and seemed to be in much better condition. Unfortunately I had a few meetings to go to so I had to put him back in the carrier and leave. I felt soooo guilty! It was heart wrenching! Especially since he was crying, sounding confused that he was in the awful box again.

Yesterday I went to check up on him. He is in isolation for 2 weeks because of his condition. :^( poor little guy. So I talked to the lady at the desk and asked if I could walk over to check him out. I told her a little bit more about him. So I talked to LPPP and he quieted down and started rubbing on the door of his home for the next two weeks.

Just now I thought of a new name. Bunny. It seems appropriate since he was found on Easter. I will ask them to call him that from now on.

I want him. I am having a really hard time convincing myself I should not get him. Especially if I get the Volunteer Leader position. I would be here another year. Ugh. Don't need another cat. But I miss my Quilly, Chloe, Mal, and Tess. If he gets adopted quickly then I have nothing to worry about. But if he doesn't then I don't know what I am going to do!

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