Wednesday, March 12, 2008

La Ruta Maya- Burrel Boom to Belize and San Pedro

Monday morning was the final morning, thank goodness. I had my blow up camping mat. It looks like a super strong float for the pool. It is kind of appropriate since we had several puddles 2 inches deep in the tent. We got everything packed up and moved to the BATSUB minibus and most of us were off an hour before the start of the race. We first went to the base to catch up with Derek who was driving the other minibus and Link. When we got there I took full advantage of the fact they had flush toilets and running water in a sink. We got ready to leave only to find that the other minibus was not going to start. Jackie got kicked out, Derek got in and we headed off to find jumper cables. She and Link were waiting on us. After getting the minibus started we headed for the city. I was the one that would direct Kelvin to the location we were going if we got separated. The ironic thing was that I actually did know where we needed to go and how to get there! They didn’t need me though which was good.

We enjoyed cheering on the teams and watching them complete the 170 miles long race. It was great that Kim and Anthony came out to join us. I am disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to have dinner with the crew to celebrate Ashli and Todd's 2nd anniversary or watch the ceremony, but I was exhausted and needed to go home.

A funny note here… I was talking to Wids and he said something that I wasn’t necessarily meant to understand but did. While I wasn’t shocked- Thanks Dawn- he was.

I got a ride, yet again with the guys to the Caye Caulker Water Taxi. I went in to find 10 of the British boys that had come over from their posts in Germany for the race and some relaxation for two weeks. Some of the guys from BATSUB made it sound like they would be heading to Afghanistan shortly after they return home. I took a good look at them, most looked younger than the students I had taught at Glenn. I can only hope that they all make it through safely.

I had dropped my stuff in the house last night for a little while to go out for some groceries. When I got back I could barely breathe. Ok, maybe a small exaggeration, but my bag was full of nasty smelling clothes. I had to wash two loads of laundry before going to bed. Today I washed my backpack off and left it in the sun. Two tents from Enes are drying on the line and my shoes and a laundry bag are soaking outside. My house is a disaster from all of the stuff that came from my bags. It will be Friday before everything is straight again.


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